Detail-Oriented oriental design to eternity

From our rich experience in the wooden furniture industry for over 37 years, we believe that thoughtful design will enhance the quality of living, not just an aesthetic. Currently, we are one of the best Thailand based furniture brands who can combine simplicity and functionality with timeless designs at the finest level.

The principles of art and design remain the key factors that Podium always considers. Combining craftsmanship techniques with oriental spirit are our expertise. Our collections not just have one-of-a-kind aesthetics, but are also full of abilities to enhance and support an individual’s lifestyle and well-being as well. Additionally, at Podium, we believe that one of the best approaches to encourage sustainable community is to make things that last. Therefore, we use the finest materials that are grown and maintained in sustainable forest to ensure that all furniture from us does not cause any harm to the natural world and takes part in enhancing the healthier community as a whole.

We truly devote ourselves to our detail-oriented quality control in every process to create the unique oriental furniture that comes with the best quality. By the high level of passion and countless hours of dedication, Podium’s furniture currently is recognised in international standard and can be found in various famed furniture showrooms all over the world. From the start in 1983 till this day, Podium still continues its journey of elevating individuals’ quality of living, coupled with the great spirit of the genuine furniture designer.

Our Strengths

  • Rich of specific Eastern craftsmanship techniques in furniture detailing.
  • Detail-oriented manufacturing by the oriental heritage minded craftsmen who experienced and mastered in particular artisan skills that inherit from generation to generation.
  • Take part in enhancing the healthier communities by doing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to heighten local inhabitants’ quality of life and income.
  • Genuinely emphasising on the finest qualitymaterials that growth and maintained by sustainable forest in every piece.
  • Every product from the house is well-crafted and durable, designing for long-last life cycle like a tree, be a legacy to send through generations.
  • Only employed legal labours and genuinely unsupported child or any illegal labours.
  • Collaborating with various remarkable furniture designers all over the world.
  • Rich of reputation for crafting the various kinds of unique and superb furniture that perfectly meets the global standardisation.


Décors on display for every space, style, and budget

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