We always are inspired by cultural and historical objects and artifacts when we travel. We love timeless designs because they contain
memories from the past and reflect the present through periods.

For this collection, we love to reinterpret old Asian furniture and modern Western furniture design. We want to represent the different
periods and different cultures but somehow share the esthetic of the design. This collection has a timeless element and yet the
modern comfort from contemporary design. Thus, they have a strong juxtaposition of two different images from eastern and western
esthetic and design.

The Neorient collection is delicately manufactured between woodcraft and leathercraft. We love the beauty of material, techniques and
craftsmanship from the traditional way of making furniture. It gives rich texture and luxurious elements to interior space.


designed by

Atelier 2+

SLAP Studio

Atelier 2+ Studio is a Bangkok based creative studio with international
recognition in architecture, art, craft and design. Thai-born, Swedish
trained Ada Chirakranont and Worapong Manupipatpong works best
characterised by blurring the subjectivity of fine art and objectivity of
architecture. Atelier 2+ Studio’s approach towards furniture design reaches
beyond furniture as a stand-alone product, rather articulates it as a tool for
shaping user experience in a furnished space.dolore te feugait nulla facilisi.



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