Due to the belief in the design principle that “Furniture is not just a home decoration, but a tool to shape a unique experience for each user.”, Ada Chirakranont and Worapong Manupipatpong of Atelier 2+ worked with Podium to create a brand-new 2021-2022 furniture collection called “NEORIENT” inspired by designers’ passion for the elements of traditional Eastern furniture combined with their expertise in the Scandinavian way of design.

For this collection, Podium intends to give all customers an experience to feel “The timeless design of East and West”, which will fulfil various lifestyles at home.

“We love timeless designs because they contain memories from the past and reflect the present through periods. This time, we want to represent the different periods and different cultures but somehow share the aesthetics of the design,” said Atelier 2+. That conception is why this collection is created on the designers’ intention to reinterpret old furniture from Asian countries and modern Scandinavian furniture designs. It is all to present the collection that comes with the timeless elements of oriental crafts, modern comfort, and the functionality of contemporary furniture at the same time.

NEORIENT is a perfect combination between high-quality woodwork and fine leatherwork…

Podium decided to use the finest oak wood imported from the USA and CC leather in the production of NEORIENT to provide furniture that offers long service life, meets practical use, and gives aesthetics to your spaces with a touch of Asian culture in a more modern way. Indeed, this collection focuses on oversized furniture suitable for a large usable area. Still, its timeless design, finest material, color options, and various dimensions make NEORIENT ideal for multiple lifestyles and occasions and fit many interior designs.

NEORIENT has an outstanding ability to be mixed and matched with other furniture designs or handicrafts that have Eastern materials like rattan as a key distinctive design element. Like when NEORIENT is integrated into our CANE collection launched in 2014, they make a perfect match. Here are some of our ideas to share with you! Starting from
bedroom space, it is an attractive choice mixing and matching a brand-new authentic Asian bed model, side table, and lounge chair from the NEORIENT collection with our ‘CANE Lamp-02’ so that you can enjoy your nights and mornings with an extreme touch of our oriental-modern pieces.

If we talk about the home’s dining area, using our ‘CANE Chair-03’ and ‘CANE Chair-04’ as part of the oversized table and dining chairs from NEORIENT is flawless! As a choice, brightening the area with our ‘CANE Lamp-01’ is also an option that catches all eyes. It is even more perfect when they are all in black, which is one of the color options of both NEORIENT and CANE.

Now, it is time for you to get deeper into each piece from the NEORIENT collection.

Chairs in the NEORIENT collection come in two models, with the main distinctive point conveying the character of Chinese antique furniture: the wooden tab in the middle of the backrest. Here, we are starting with the ‘NEORIENT Chair-01’, a dining chair, which is larger than the other model discussed later. This chair is designed with a backrest connected to the side as an armrest by using a single piece of solid oak wood bent until it forms a beautifully curved shape and supports the user’s ergonomics very well. It is a perfect dining chair for sitting at the head of the table.

The other chair, ‘NEORIENT Chair-02’, comes with a tab in the middle of the backrest likewise. This model also has a bentwood made from a single piece of solid wood as the perfect backrest for users. Its design and elements were reduced from ‘NEORIENT Chair-01’ and are slightly smaller but still support your back flawlessly. Both chair models are user-friendly due to their large sizes allowing users with a large body to sit restfully without feeling uncomfortable.
Podium offers two seating options for these chairs: leather and wood.

The dents at the end of their wooden backrests or armrests are the secretly added details that the designers intend for
users to experience when using their well-designed products.

Regarding tables, ‘NEORIENT Table-01’ is an oversized table that is quite large compared to the other table models from Podium and comes in four sizes, ranging from 2.4 meters to 3 meters in length. This table is designed to represent the style of antique furniture in Asia made more contemporary for daily use in modern homes that require a touch of oriental decor. The beauty of this table lies in introducing Asian architectural details into the structure of the table legs that showcase the meticulous design of the most delicate woodwork from Podium. As a result, it shows a sense of oriental craftsmanship and undeniable durability.

The NEORIENT collection also offers a product that brings home comfort to the next level. The ‘NEORIENT Lounge Chair-01’ comes with a noticeable wooden structure to show the well-designed connection of each piece of solid wood.

This is a key feature making this product very impressive. Because of the lounge chair structure, its craftsmanship is truly felt by everyone who sees it. The designers intended the shape of this lounge chair to be more handcrafted instead of produced from industrial factories. Of course, this lounge chair supports the user’s ergonomics perfectly and be very comfortable for all users who try sitting on it. ‘NEORIENT Lounge Chair-01’ is perfect for relaxing during your days.

‘NEORIENT Bed-01’ is available in two sizes: 5 feet wide and 6 feet wide. The highlight of this bed is the sharpened solid wood headboard with a distinctive curved shape and wooden tabs covered with genuine cow leather. This bed is inspired by the structure of the famous Japanese arch, “Torii”. We are confident that it will be giving users endless unique oriental experiences. In addition, users can add more value to this bed by placing the ‘NEOREINT Side Table-01’, a versatile side table inspired by the shape of ancient Chinese ceramic stools ideally next to each other.

At this point, you might be wondering if the NEOREINT collection has choices of color that can meet your home decor and preferences. As for the woodwork colors, NEORIENT offers its customers three color options: NEO Black, NEO Milk White, and the unique color of the collection, NEO Red. While the CC leather comes in two color options: Americano Black and Cointreau Royal.

For those looking for home furnishings with a touch of Asian culture, oriental production techniques from skilled craftsmen, excellent quality materials and the ability to provide a unique experience to users, NEORIENT awaits!

Feel the real timeless design today at Podium!

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